Followers 1RM Chart

Here you can see everyone’s 1 rep max (1RM) chart that is following theoutlawway’s programming with me.  This page is a chance for everyone to see where their 1rm are and also compare themselves with others who are following the programming.  If you need to update this page, just leave a comment with your name and new max.  Here is a little info about each person;

El- Has been following the program since about Jan 2012.  She has made considerable gains since following the program.

Pam- Has been Crossfitting for about 2 years now.  The strength gains that she has made throughout the last year is amazing.  She used to always have back problems but since incorporating strength training into her program she has been without back problems for some time now.

Ciara- Ciara is a level 1 Crossfit coach.  After recently taking a break from Crossfit for about a month (to allow her body to recovery a bit) she has come back with a vegance.  She has been Crossfitting for a little over a year.

Daniel- Since beginning the program about 4 months ago Daniel has made some remarkable gains and not only strength gains, but also metabolic conditioning gains as well.  We are working with his wrist mobility (he has a tough time racking the weight in the clean position) but once we get this straightened out he has the potential to throw up some serious numbers.

Doug aka Junior- Junior has been Crossfitting for sometime now, but he only recently started following theoutlawway programming.  His commute is very long, but he always shows up to the gym with a fire and passion that others feed off of.

Zach- Zach is the youngest person that follows the programming.  He is 17, but don’t let his age fool you.  This young man has a head on his shoulders that people of any age would want.  His maturity is amazing for someone of that age.  Zach is making some serious strength gains which is a focus of his.

Taylor- Taylor is a level 1 Crossfit coach.  Taylor has been Crossfitting for almost 2 years now and he is improving everyday.  His strength gains are improving everyday we are in the gym, and recently he hit his first 300# lift.

Anita- She is a firefighter who has a heart of a lion.  Even if her hands are ripped and bleeding she won’t stop a workout and will continue to grind through it.

        Outlaw Crew 1RM as of 7/9/12      
  Deadlift Low Bar High Bar Front Squat Bench Split Jerk Clean Clean and Jerk Power Clean Snatch Harvard Test
Matt (me) 440 415 365 295 315 305 300 300 260 205 84
El 205 255 225 unk 150 155 165 155 145 115 86
Pam 195  145  125 90 85  115  85  100  100  65 83
Ciara    215 3rm            135    115 89
Daniel 445 355 295 285 300 205 135 205 185 185 73
Junior 335 285 275 275 205 185 195 185 145 125 92
Zach  295  215  215  175  175  175  165  165  185  115 67
Taylor 320 265 245 145 155 175 175 175 155 95 79
Anita      130               unk

11 thoughts on “Followers 1RM Chart

  1. Update as of 1 July 2012.
    deadlift: 195lbs
    lowbar back squat: 145lbs
    front squat: 90lbs
    bench press: 85lbs
    split jerk: 115lbs
    squat clean: 85lbs
    power clean: 100lbs

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