04 March 2013

Warm Up
– 800m jog
– dynamic stretching
– couch stretch
– 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single for the day (this does not mean you have to go for a PR)
*This means warm up, start your working sets around 70%, and take NO MORE THAN 15 MINUTES from there to go as heavy as you feel comfortable going for today.
– then –

Snatch + Drop Snatch


I want you to perform the combo that the lifter was performing during his warm up in the YouTube video I sent you a few days ago (HERE IS THE VIDEO YOU MUST WATCH THIS BEFORE GETTING TO THE GYM). This is a full squat snatch, stand up, bring the bar down to your back rack, then perform a drop snatch (not heaving snatch balance). Go as heavy as you can with good technique, understanding this might end up being less than you might like. You need to drop it like it’s hot in that drop snatch…you saw the video of the guy the other day, and it is THAT kind of snappy, explosive work that you should be trying to achieve for yourselves.

– then –
With a 12-minute running clock:
7 Minute AMRAP
15 Dumbbell Thrusters, 40’s/25’s
10 CTB Pullups
30 DU
…immediately following the AMRAP…
in the remaining 5 minutes:
3 Attempts at a Max Snatch
*I suggest having a bar and weights set up for the snatch before you begin the AMRAP. Bar may not be loaded beforehand. Don’t stress out about the snatch portion too much; try to approach it as, “huh, I have no idea what I could possibly be able to snatch after all those thrusters and pullups and DU…but it might be fun to see what I can do!”

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