12 Feb 13 “Why We Do What We Do”

You want something to motivate you to work your ass off in the gym today…  Here is a story of an Air Force para-rescue jumper (PJ) squatting 425# after breaking his fucking back 102 days prior….  Click here for the story..

Why do we do what we do??

Remember when CrossFit programming used to take the approach of, “hey man, let’s see how hard we can go until we throw up.”  That philosophy of programming used to be the standard, and to be honest it was pretty fun..  You learned your limitations as an athlete and how to push through those painful workouts to come out on the other side a stronger person..  In addition, you probably dropped a lot of weight too..  However, this approach could possibly be the reason why CrossFit gets a “bad rap” from professional strength and conditioning coaches..  And, let’s not kid ourselves either; CrossFit is more of a strength and conditioning program than any other type of training program.

So, why am I even talking about this shit…  Well, just like most things in life CrossFit has evolved..  The days of smoking each other into the ground until you called pukie the clown have shifted to smarter programming that elicits a response from the body to create adaptation for a “specific purpose”…  That specific purpose could be competing in an Olympic weightlifting meet, running a 5k, playing a specific sport, or even just playing with your kids..  But, at the end of the day the programming has to be for designed something…

Now to tie all of this rambling together…  The programming that Laura sends to me each night is designed to make you a better competitive CrossFitter…  I enjoy going to competitions and competing..  I have been, and always will be, a very competitive person and that is why I enjoyed the Outlaw programming and love Laura’s programming..  BUT, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE INTERESTED IN COMPETING TO DO THIS STYLE OF PROGRAMMING!!!!  Anyone can do it!!!

So then, why do we do what we do??  The answer!!!  Why bust our ass in the gym each night because we love creating adaptation to our bodies through a program that has a specific design…  That program design is to make us better at competing at CrossFit, but the cross over value to the program design is getting into the best shape possible to achieve ANY fitness goals… 

Tomorrow I will go over why we Olympic lift…      

 Warm Up

  • 800m run @ own pace
  • dynamic stretching
  • mobility- coach stretch 2 mins ea side (video here)
  • 50 OH walking lunges @ 45/25 bumper plates (lock your elbows and keep hands and arms directly over shoulders…I HATE when people do this with bent arms!)


Warm up to your back squat accordingly before proceeding to the EMOM.

EMOM for 7 Minutes
  • HBBS x 2 @ 80%
Please do not base the 80% off an old LBBS number. This needs to be based off a recent HBBS single; otherwise, you will calculate this for too much weight and technique will suffer.

3 rounds for time
  • 7 Deadlift 275/185
  • 5 Strict HSPU*
  • 3 Rope Climbs, 15′
*Head and hands to ground is fine for general rx here. Competitors, especially men, need to consider doing these at deficit with parallettes.
*If this workout came up in a competition, what shoes would you wear and why? 
*For injuries and equipment limitations, please contact me directly for subs/modifications.

Cash Out

  • Run 800m for time

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