I added a new page to the blog, click here to go directly to the page.  The page is called “Baseline Testing Date” and is dedicated to the baseline testing that we are doing.  I’m hoping that it is a one-stop shop for all the data that is collected during this testing phase.  I ask that you please go to the page and check out the data that I put in for each of you and make sure that it is the correct information.  Also, please fill in any missing information that is next to your name by leaving a comment.  I will look at the comment and update the page accordingly.  I will be updating the testing baselines as we do them.  If you have any questions about this page please let me know.  Again, it is important to post your testing baselines scores to this page so I can see how everyone is progressing within the program.    

So I guy I met at the Outlaw Training camp in February posted a link to a CrossFit competition in Philly on Saturday August 4th on Facebook.  The price for the competition is $53.74.  The basic details for the competition are that it is an elimination style format with men’s and women’s divisions.  Which I’m guessing means, after each event there will be a certain number of people eliminated until there is only one person standing.  The event is open to all level of CrossFit athletes and there will be mini competitions at vendor tents for spectators.  Also, the coolest part in my opinion is that the event starts at 3pm and will go into the night.  Which means the last event/heat will be under the lights, because this will be an outdoor event.  There will be an after party afterwards which will be free admissions.  I’m seriously considering doing this competition and just wanted to see who else would be interested.  So if you’re thinking about doing this as well please let me know ASAP.  I emailed the guy who posted the link to his Facebook account asking for more details, and his opinion on if it’s worth making the trip from here to Philly.  Here is the link for the competition so you can check it out yourself;


For the workout today we will be revisited a workout that is definitely not my favorite, “Amanda.”  Here is how we will be scaling the workout for those of us who are having trouble with the muscle up.  If you are lacking the strength to do a muscle up then I want you to do 1 Chest to Bar Pull Up and 1 Ring Dip per number of muscle up.  That means, 1 chest to bar pull up followed by 1 ring dip= 1 muscle up.

If you feel like you have the strength for a muscle up but are having trouble with the transition then I want you to do banded muscle ups.  Please note and post how you are scaling this workout (for both the muscle ups and snatches), because when we revisit this workout later on we can see what scaling you used in the past. 


WOD 120606 Courtesy of the Outlaw Way:


Compare to 120427

9-7-5 of:

Snatches (full squat) 135 men’s/95 women’s /65# master’s

For time.


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